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Lowongan Kerja PT Freeport Indonesia (Banyak Posisi) Hingga Mei 2017

Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) merupakan perusahaan tambang internasional utama dengan kantor pusat di Phoenix, Arizona, Amerika Serikat. FCX mengelola beragam aset besar berusia panjang yang tersebar secara geografis di atas empat benua, dengan cadangan signifikan terbukti dan terkira dari tembaga, emas dan molybdenum. Mulai dari pegunungan khatulistiwa di Papua, Indonesia, hingga gurun-gurun di Barat Daya Amerika Serikat, gunung api megah di Peru, daerah tradisional penghasil tembaga di Chile dan peluang baru menggairahkan di Republik Demokrasi Kongo, kami berada di garis depan pemasokan logam yang sangat dibutuhkan di dunia.
Lowongan Kerja PT Freeport Indonesia (Banyak Posisi) Hingga Mei 2017
Freeport-McMoRan merupakan perusahaan publik di bidang tembaga yang terbesar di dunia, penghasil utama di dunia dari molybdenum – logam yang digunakan pada campuran logam baja berkekuatan tinggi, produk kimia, dan produksi pelumas – serta produsen besar emas. Selaku pemimpin industri, FCX telah menunjukkan keahlian terbukti untuk teknologi maupun metode produksi menghasilkan tembaga, emas dan molybdenum. FCX menyelenggarakan kegiatan melalui beberapa anak perusahaan utama; PTFI, Freeport-McMoRan Corporation dan Atlantic Copper.

Chief Surveyor, DMLZ Drift Development C#2 - 10531
  • Lokasi Kerja : Tembagapura - Papua

Job Responsibilities:
  • Provide work plan to subordinate, in order to ensure work assignments are based on correct priority, comply with engineering standard and proceed in effective way.
  • Direct, control, and monitor daily work and projects assigned aspects to ensure availability and utilization of proper methods, manpower, equipment and systems to provide services at Mill and Underground area as required.
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in relevant section as guideline for subordinate performing their duties in order to provide input for survey application developer for applicable SOP.
  • Review section's product and provide accurate and updated data or information on all handled project to chief surveyor QA/QC and Survey Application Development and support superior in reporting to higher level consumption or project owner consist of daily, weekly and monthly progress to ensure potential constraints are identified and find solution as quick as possible.
  • Coordinate with other relevant parties (i.e., Mill Technical Service, UG Pre-Production, UG Construction, UG Maintenance, UG Engineering, UG Geotech, and Ore Flow department), to ensure all work preparation to support the request can be done on time.
  • Evaluate the current survey methods, software, and technology in order to identify gap between survey technology and work practice at field and inform survey application developer for continuous improvement in relevant section.
  • Monitor and control survey hardware maintenance based on maintenance schedule, in order to keep the reliability and availability.
  • Control and enforce company's safety and environmental policies in his section to ensure survey activities are conducted in safe and timely manner

Job Requirement:
  • S1 degree in Geodesy Engineering with 5 working years experience in mining project industry, preferably in mining construction.
  • Core Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Characters)
  • Creative.
  • Cartography.
  • Broad knowledge of Survey/Mapping and database.
  • Team Leadership.
  • 6 mandatory competencies.

  • Lokasi Kerja : Tembagapura - Papua

Job Responsibilities :
  • Plan, prepare, monitor, and deliver 4 safety meetings per month to crews, complete 4 safety stop cards, attend a safety meeting, review a CPR, prepare JSA; in order to fulfill safety standard and compliance with PTFI regulations and SOP.
  • Provide safety training of all equipment used in carrying out the field crew's job, deliver safety meetings to crews, to ensure that the supervisors, surveyors and technicians are working in compliance with PTFI regulations and SOP.
  • Recommend and train subordinates using in house training and outside training, such as: driver training, English training, NOSA, etc in order to develop their skill, understanding and knowledge of survey roles and responsibilities and plan a follow-up to insure all subordinates are being developed to their full potential in a timely manner.
  • Manage, monitor, and control all activities involved in the process of surveying in the field (e.g., installing stations, performing survey pick-ups, reporting of results, and checking of survey calculations, etc), to ensure smooth progress, quality standards and safety procedures have met client's and company's requirement.
  • Communicate and monitor the Company's safety and environmental policies, also together with supervisor to develop any action needed to ensure subordinates perform their duties accurately, effectively and efficiently in a safe and good manner survey work is performed according to SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) in order to achieve zero accidents or incidents.
  • Manage, monitor, lead, and control multiple supervisors for the installations of "development string survey stations" (which will be used by the UG Development groups for mining tunnels), the installations of "network control survey stations" (which will be used for accurate instrument location determination), performing 3-D scans of excavations and infrastructure using CMS and I-site equipment, and performing "construction line-outs", so that the construction crews can follow engineering designs accurately.
  • Manage, control, and review the database of survey information so that it is up to date, comprehensive, pertinent, and highly accurate to support an accurate and comprehensive report to Management.
  • Maintain, monitor, and control the care and proper use of high precision survey equipment, also plan, prepare, and control the inspection of the equipment condition regularly and report issues to supervisors. Also to schedule and implement a continuous maintenance and calibration program for all instrumentation and arrange for the purchase of new instrumentation and equipment as necessary.
  • Direct, control, and perform special projects (short to long-term engineering projects required to operations and engineering) assigned by superiors at Jobsite to ensure project completion and customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor and review all calculations performed by crews to check for accuracy before publication and report information to management in a professional, timely, accurate, and consistent manner.
  • Build and maintain an effective communication with related parties (Operations and Engineering) to smooth the progress of activities and fulfill the related requirements.
  • Plan and prepare AFEs for new capital projects with appropriate justifications, and ensure that these are written to PTFI standards and followed up until approval.
  • Coordinate with Contracts Administration for creating service contracts for outside consultants and contractors, complete the support tasks required for this outside work such as visas, travel documents, travel arrangements, site training, transportation, new visitor administrative work, etc., coordinate these activities with Finance and Accounting Department to make sure budgeting requirements are completed and all the process is run smoothly in order to support the production activity.
  • Lead a large tem member in a manner which maintains good teamwork among all survey crews and build a supportive daily communication with subordinates, in order to set goals, ensures equipment availability and data reliability, so that all of team member can keep the high quality of survey and mapping practices

Job Requirements :
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering, in either Survey, Geodetic, Mining or Civil Engineering, or similar, with at least 5 to 10 years of experience at an underground mine environment, at least 2 years survey experience, and at least 5 years supervisory experience.

  • Lokasi Kerja : Tembagapura - Papua

Job Responsibilities
Long Description :
  • Technical competence equivalent to welding that of an assistantinstructor, welding master tradesperson, welding inspector or similar, supported by at least 8 years directly related workExperience in welding or D3 with at least 6 years in welding work experience or Undergraduate degree (S1) (or equivalent) with 4 years directly related work experience in welding.
  • Professionally deliver on and off the job Competency Base Development in Welding
  • Assist to Create competency based learning and assessment materials, conduct on and off the job competency assessment in field of expertise.

  • Lokasi Kerja : Tembagapura - Papua

Job Responsibilities :
  • The key duties and responsibilities of this position are:
  • Demonstrate behaviors that match QMS Values, follow and apply PTFI She policies and procedures, in order to be a role model for development program participants.
  • Demonstrate competence in the principles and application of competency based learning, so that development programs delivered and assessed meet CBD standards.
  • Professionally deliver/facilitate on and off the job Competency Based Development in field of expertise in order to meet PTFI customer development needs and quality standards.
  • Assist to create competency based learning materials so that learning programs delivered achieve their intended learning outcomes.
  • Understand and competently apply professionally accepted principles of adult learning so that learners are given maximum opportunity to develop job competence.
  • Assist to create competency based assessment tools, professionally conduct on and off the job competency assessments in field of expertise, in order to ensure assessment standards are met.
  • Assist to schedule and communicate learning programs, follow schedules to ensure that programs are delivered as planned.
  • Accurately record and report participant learning and assessment results so that participants records are consistently kept up to date and recorded in the company learning management system.
  • Respond to customer learning and development requirements, provide appropriate technical support and advice in order to assist QMS meet/exceed customer expectations.

Job Requirements:
  • Minimum Education and Experience
  • Achieved a level of technical competence equivalent to that of an assistant instructor, master tradesperson or similar, supported by at least 8 years directly related work experience.
  • Qualifications in the delivery and assessment of competency based learning programs.
  • Undergraduate degree (S1) with 3 years directly related work experience.

  • Lokasi Kerja : Jakarta

Job Description :
  • Prepare, produce, and run the drawing process to ensure the quality, productivity and no re-work in the process is achieve the company target and according with International Standard.
  • Assist superior in analyze and develop a sketch from verbal request of engineer to be used for further process of drawing.
  • Provide suggestion or input to superior in drawing process that able to result in cost deduction and or other point of view.
  • Provide reporting to superior, including man-hours activity in order to inform the status of every assigned duties from superior.
  • Cooperate with other discipline to smooth the project by confirmation and coordination about the related matter of the project.
  • Assist and train the draftsman to be more professional and competent in their duties

Job Requirement:
  • D3 with 6 years experience at oil gas and industry or equivalent education and experience.
  • The Company offers very attractive terms of employment, including salary and benefit package to successful candidates. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted further.

  • Lokasi Kerja : Tembagapura - Papua

Job Description :
  • Ensure that development and control a long and short-term plan for the civil-geotechnical programs and direct their implementation to ensure they are consistent with Company's long-term strategy.
  • Ensure that Civil-Geotechnical operating and capital budgets and ensure it results in maximum return for the company by reviewing and controlling the budget, in order to gain maximum return in compliance with PTFI standard.
  • Work with ARD group to establish short and long- term plans for ARD mitigation, collection and treatment, to ensure control of ARD.
  • Assist Construction and Engineering department throughout the site by providing geotechnical support when necessary.
  • Evaluate reports prepared by external consultants and ensure that the recommendations are implemented, as adapted by site specific condition and situation to foster the best use of valuable input.
  • Prepare and control annual budget and prepare associated AFE's to ensure cost- effective operations of the section, as well as to guide the future budgeting preparation.
  • Provide opportunities for subordinates for self- development by formal trainings, on-the-job training, and Counterpart program. Provide technical and management guidance for subordinates through training and development, ongoing coaching to prepare the sustainable employee development to meet needs of expanding section.
  • Ensure that all activities within the section are conducted safely by monitoring the regular safety talk and inspection.
  • Ensure and coordinate and maintain relationship with external parties who include auditors, consultants and authorities in regard with Civil- Geotechnical issues.
  • Review, analysis and geotechnical recommendation based on the inspection, investigation, engineering assessment, and presented to the relevant parties to allow them to assess the progress and make a timely decision.

Job Requirement :
  • Minimum S1 or Master Degree in Geotech Engineering with strong emphasis on Geotech-Hydro-Geology.
  • Management skill, preferably with graduate diploma in Business Administration.
  • Have at least 7 years of experience in geotechnical engineering for civil and mining project (Underground and Surface) with exposure to hydrology.

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