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Lowongan Kerja PT MUSICA STUDIO'S Januari 2017

As the way we listen to music has transition to the digital age, Musica Studio's too are evolving to meet the demand of the music industry. We are committed to recruit, develop and nurture talents to help us build the next generation infrastructure to inspire culturally a better musical experience for a new generation to come.
Lowongan Kerja PT MUSICA STUDIO'S Januari 2017

Mobile Engineer (Android)
  • Joining an existing product team or leading a new labs project that involve building mobile applications in android
  • Learning real world mobile software engineering and industry practices, getting exposure of working with cross-functional teams, and having fun while at it.

  • Budding passion in mobile software engineering and mobile products
  • Some knowledge of software engineering concepts and programming skills (Android knowledge is not required, but familiarity is preferred)
  • Curiosity to learn new things and explore creative solutions

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer
  • Involved in improving the quality of our released products
  • Expected to understand, build, and maintain our Selenium suites and some automated performance and stress tests, sometimes in complex environment
  • Expected to participate in and improve our testing process and integrate it better with overall engineering process.

  • Good understanding of software engineering concepts
  • Ability to analyze and decompose complex software or product and design test plan
  • Excellent coding and scripting skills (for example Java, Groovy, Python)

Dev-Ops Engineer
  • Driving force behind frictionless development teams and frictionless interaction between development and infrastructure.
  • Creating and maintaining development platforms and processes that enable automation of builds and releases as the engineering organization grows.
  • Collaborating with development, infrastructure, and QA teams to drive productivity, repeatability and quality improvements for our product.

  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools
  • Ability to code scripts (for example Javascript, Python, SQL)
  • Comfort with frequent code deployment and automation tools
  • Comfort with cross-team collaboration and open communication

Send your best CV to nina@musica-studios.co.id
Application deadline 12 Februari 2017

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