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Lowongan Kerja Fresh Graduate/ Experience GO-JEK Februari 2017

GO-JEK adalah sebuah perusahaan teknologi berjiwa sosial yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan pekerja di berbagai sektor informal di Indonesia. Kami bermitra dengan sekitar 200.000 pengendara ojek yang berpengalaman dan terpercaya di Indonesia, untuk menyediakan berbagai macam layanan, termasuk transportasi dan pesan antar makanan. 

Lowongan Kerja Fresh Graduate/ Experience GO-JEK Februari 2017
Kegiatan GO-JEK bertumpu pada tiga nilai pokok: kecepatan, inovasi, dan dampak sosial. Para Driver GO-JEK mengatakan bahwa pendapatan mereka meningkat semenjak bergabung sebagai mitra, mereka juga mendapatkan santunan kesehatan dan kecelakaan, serta mendapat akses ke lebih banyak pelanggan melalui aplikasi kami. GO-JEK telah resmi beroperasi di 10 kota besar di Indonesia, termasuk Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Medan, Semarang, Palembang, dan Balikpapan dengan rencana pengembangan di kota-kota lainnya pada tahun mendatang.

Account Executive
Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in Management, Marketing Communication, Public Relation or other related majors
  • 2 years of experience as Client Relations / Account Executive

 Job Description

  • This role will be responsible in ensuring good relationships with merchant and the whole SKU information is accurate, comprehensive and up to date, analyze merchant monthly sales performance and transmit sales reports with analysis to each merchant, provide insight based on sales transaction such as popular item and branch store to merchant in order to increase merchant sales.
  • We are looking for a person that is open for new experience, good communication skills, adaptable to change, persistent, comfortable in fast-pace working environment, and passionate in technology and improving best practices. Despite constant innovation, we also embrace the dynamics in our company. We want to make sure you are the one we've been looking for, and we can make sure you will have the mutual exchange from us!

Art Director
Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum Bachelor Degree holder from reputable University
  • Several years of work experience in graphic design, photography, illustration or other fields will be a plus point
  • The consistent ability to produce and communicate fresh ideas and visual concepts
  • Excellent organisational skills with the ability to prioritise work and multi-task
  • Teamworking skills
  • The capacity to deal with stress and work well under pressure in order to meet tight deadlines
  • Enthusiasm about advertising with a real desire to keep up to date with new developments in the media
  • Proficient in both English and Bahasa Indonesia

Job Description

  • Driving development of creative identity for new campaigns and communication platforms
  • Leading team of designers within creative marketing to build strong, consistent visual communication
  • Participate in creative ideation for new brand campaigns
  • Ensure that tone and personality of the brand is consistent across campaigns
  • Develop new and innovative concepts for various products

Business Intelligence Analyst
Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree from reputable university.
  • Able to write advanced SQL queries with no supervision across all SQL/NoSQL flavors
  • Able to write SQL/NoSQL using various functions, CTEs, and programmed functions with proper index efficiencies and subqueries
  • Can independently improve and rewrite legacy SQL code for better optimization
  • Able to independently export data to CSVs and develop Excel-based charts for C-Level executives
  • Proficient with writing Python/R code for analysis and data reporting
  • Basic automation
  • Ability to manipulate and insert data across databases using ETL tools (Pentaho)
  • Ability to comfortably navigate Jira, BitBucket repos, etc.
  • Ability to write datamart transformation requirements.

Job Description

  • Ad hoc support for product owners
  • Defining KPIs with product owners
  • Building data models for longer term projects
  • Assist building of integration/access layer data marts
  • Analytical Tableau reporting
  • Presents findings for actionable changes across products
  • Understand the basic pricing model of their product
  • Volunteers for special project assignments
  • Identifying trends and possible pain points for products or consumer/driver behaviors
  • Support for new implementations
  • Able to identify and liaison with engineering teams to find bugs and fix them
  • Makes recommendations to product owners

Bagi anda yang tertarik dan memenuhi kualifikasi silahkan melakukan pendaftaran online/ informasi lowongan lainnya: Apply Now.
Application deadline Februari 2017. 

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