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Lowongan Kerja PT. Roda Nurmala Maret 2017

PT. Roda Nurmala is specialized in Pump Distributions & Services for high rise building, oil & gas and industry projects. Our office is located in Sunter, North Jakarta and our workshop is in Pulogadung, East Jakarta. The company is established in 1988 and still growing. 

Lowongan Kerja PT. Roda Nurmala Maret 2017
We always enjoy to work with a team of creative, motivated and energetic individuals who focus on problem solving and customer service. 


PT. Roda Nurmala is established in 1988. We focus on pump distributions and services for high rise building, oil & gas, and industrial projects across Indonesia. 

Job Description

  • An accounting & taxation officer must have updated knowledge of accounting & taxations regulations. The job is very suitable for people who are very attentive to details and enjoy to work behind the desk for long hours. The job will include performing accounting journals, performing all monthly & yearly taxation, auditing accounts through accounting systems, closing bank books, creating reports and make necessary analysis. An accountant should withstand pressure of deadlines especially year-end. 

An accounting & taxation officer will perform duties like below: 

  • Performing & correcting journal entries
  • Auditing accounts through accounting systems. 
  • Closing bank books account. 
  • Creating Reports 
  • Updating knowledge of accounting & taxation.
  • Advise on necessary accounting & taxation strategies for top management.
  • Achieving targets of reports deadlines
  • Create analysis for top management. 

We are looking for candidate with skills as below:

  • Major in Accounting min. GPA 3.0
  • Experienced in KAP is necessary ( min. 3 years)
  • Understand how to use Accurate 
  • Understand how to use accounting systems & erp systems.
  • Possess updated knowledge of accounting & taxation. 
  • Very attentive to details (very minimum errors)
  • Good analytical abilities. 

Project Coordinator
Job Description

  • Project Coordinator is a job that requires high management skills include task management and time management. A project coordinator must be able to create priorities and awareness to other departments. A project coordinator is highly dynamic and flexible individual. A project coordinator is also a leader for him/herself and the people around. This job is very suitable for people with high MULTI-TASKING & PROBLEM SOLVING ability. A project coordinator should be attentive to details and communicate cleary to reduce misinformations and miscommunications. 

We are looking for PROJECT COORDINATOR to fulfill the duties as below : 

  • Applying mechanical engineering skills & management skills to control and supervise project delivery time & budget. 
  • Coordinate with internal departments to achieve targeted time frame and targeted budget. 
  • Coordinate with external departments (customers / end users / suppliers / vendors) to report progress & mitigate issues. 
  • To control the project from beginning to closing. 
  • Reduce miscommunications and improve effective and efficient process. 

We are looking for candidates with below skills : 

  • Mechanical Engineering. Min. GPA 3.0
  • Experienced in related job ( Project Coordinators / Supervisor / Manager) min. 3 years
  • Leadership skills / Management skills / Problem Solving Skills
  • MULTI TASKING ABILITY is necessary. 
  • Fluent in English (Mandarin is bonus point). Will be needed for teleconference with vendors / customers. 
  • Computer savvy. Understand how to operate Microsoft Projects, ERP programmes (like SAP), and AUTO CAD. 

Please apply to vacancy.rn@gmail.com, forward your CVs and certificates. 

Application deadline 31 Maret 2017

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