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Lowongan Kerja PT. Bahana Inovasi Adikarya Maret 2017

BIA was established in 2000 provides a comprehensive spectrum of enterprise applications solution and IT services to empower all aspect of your business. We utilize Microsoft Dynamics and other Microsoft technology solutions as the platform to deliver our business solutions for our customers. By using our solutions, organizations of all sizes can improve performance, and gain the flexibility to respond to changing business needs. In other words, You gain the visibility and control of business processes– and the agility to respond – and the capabilities to transform them into competitive advantage for your organization. Our 100% focus on solutions from Microsoft Dynamics yields substantial benefits to our customers and Company. BIA organization has accumulated many years of experience in local and international projects. BIA Solutions and Services can help you: 
Lowongan Kerja  PT. Bahana Inovasi Adikarya Maret 2017

  • Improve operational efficiency by integrating sales, production, inventory, quality control, distribution and customer service 
  • Increase speed and flexibility of your manufacturing operations 
  • Provide real-time insight into production processes and costs to help manage resources more effectively 
  • Meet and maintain compliance requirements 
  • Stay competitive by implementing industry best practices 
  • Respond quickly to changing market opportunities


A major FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company in Middle East operated from GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) to North Africa continuously enjoying substantial growth and leadership across packaged food categories in the region, and currently, we are looking for experienced and professional candidates who are dynamic, highly motivated, passionate, and challenged with high integrity to build carrier overseas.

General Requirement:

  • Excellent inter-personal communication skill, strong leadership and managerial skill
  • High integrity and commitment
  • Fluent in English both verbal and written
  • Proficiency in Mandarinesses/Arabic/ French or other language will be an advantage
  • Having good computer skill (vlookup, Pivot, etc)
  • Willing to be assigned for short and long time (preferably for male) in any country in the Country In North & East Africa, Middle East, East Europe.

1. Finance & Accounting Officer (FO)/ Business Analyst (BA)

  • Male, max 35 years old (FO)
  • Preferred male, female max 28 years old (BA)
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) preferably from Accounting (FO) ; from Accounting, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Management, Engineering that interested in finance & Accounting data analysis (BA)
  • Having good administration
  • Able to create and build financial report in the business sector and Able to analyze financial
  • Understand basic accounting principle & finance/accounting method & Integrated Accounting system
  • Willing to be based in : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (FO) ; Jakarta (BA).

2. Sales & Marketing Area (SA)

  • Male, max 28 years old, Bachelor Degree (S1) from All Major
  • Having excellent knowledge at Sales & Marketing Management
  • Having good administration & computer skills
  • Able to do Country Analysis &knowledge about Export & Import
  • Having good competence in numbers, communication, negotiation skill and leadership.
  • Work experience at least 2 years as sales & marketing in consumer good industries
  • Placement in Qatar, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China (Xinjian), Kenya, Morocco, etc

3. Internal Audit Staff (IA) & Manager (IM)

  • Male, max 27 years old (staff) and 35 years old (Manager)
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1) preferably from Accounting, Management
  • Work experience at least 5 years in consumer good manufacturing as Internal Audit Manager or experience at audit company firm as Sr auditor/ External Auditor Manager with minimum of 3 years of audit related experience is preferred
  • Preferably understand Integrated Accounting system & Audit Method
  • Having good administration, Having good computer skills (MS Excel: Pivot, "if" function, VLOOKUP,etc. )
  • Willing to be based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia or Jakarta with assignment to Sawaz Group operation.

4. IT Consultant (ERP)

  • Male, Max 28 years old, Bachelor degree (S1) from Computer Engineering, Information System
  • Minimal experience in ERP system 1 year : Mic Dynamic Navition, AX, etc

5. HR Generalist Staff

  • Male, Bachelor Degree (S1) from S1 / S2 Psychology / Human Resources Management
  • Understanding the psychological test administration and scoring tool. Preferably who understand BEI
  • Preferably able to apply Assessment Center, understand the performance management, people development, as well as management training.


  • Male, max 26 years old.
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) /S2 - Major Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Mechatronics with GPA minimum 3.0
  • High Integrity and commitment
  • Highly independent person and good coordination on teamwork
  • Excellent in computer skills.
  • Willing to be based in any country in the Middle East, North Africa and East Europe

7. Tax Manager (TM)

  • Male, 35 years old (Manager)
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1) preferably from Accounting, Management, Tax
  • Work experience at least 5 years in consumer good manufacturing as Tax Manager
  • Experience at audit company firm as Tax Sr auditor in UEA with minimum of 1 years of audit related experience is preferred
  • Able to create and build tax report in business Saudi Arabia sector
  • Understand basic accounting principle & method
  • Willing to be based in Jeddah

Send your resume to recruitment.biac@gmail.com
Placement Tests at Wednesday (09.00 am), 8 March 2017. PT Indolakto Jl. Raya Purwosari Km. 62, Tejowangi, Purwosari, Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 67162. 
fill the form https://goo.gl/forms/iJXyfHCveFDyL0qn2

Application deadline 08 Maret 2017

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