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Lowongan Kerja PT. Ciba Vision Batam Dibuka Hingga Juni 2017

PT. Ciba Vision Batam memproduksi lensa dan memasarkan produknya di seluruh dunia. Perusahaan didirikan pada tahun 1994 dan berpusat di Batam, Riau, Indonesia. Ciba Vision Batam beroperasi sebagai anak usaha dari Alcon Inc, sebuah perusahaan medis yang mengkhususkan diri dalam perawatan mata, dengan kantor pusat di Hünenberg, Swiss.

Lowongan Kerja PT. Ciba Vision Batam Dibuka Hingga Juni 2017


CIBA VISION, a Novartis Company, is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of optical and ophthalmic products and services, including contact lenses and lens care products. CIBA VISION products are available in more than 70 countries worldwide

Water Solution Engineer

  • Ensure continues water treatment & solution system availability and efficiency to meet production demand and compliance to the quality system requirement.
  • Manage inventory of Solution Consumable items (Filters, UV lamp)
  • To response water & solution system OOS, OOT, Investigation and & Corrective action, assessment or breakdown and conduct troubleshooting.


  • Engineering degree in either mechanical, electronics or chemical preferred with a strong statistical skill, logical thinking and attention to details. Basic understanding of English (read, write and communicate).

OpEx Engineer

  • Driving continuous  improvement involve reducing costs, minimizing scrap.
  • Track the project progress for all CI Green Belt.


  • Bachelor degree with 2-5 years experiences, preferable science / engineering background/relevant working experience in Medical Device.

CAPA/Production Engineer

  • Understand the failure / CAPA Investigation requirement based on: GMP / QSR US FDA and ISO Standards
  • Perform improvement to effectively utilize equipment, materials and headcount to optimize production process by engineering analysis and make recommendations for implementation with maintaining high productivity and quality standard.


  • Bachelor degree with 3-5 experiences, preferable science / engineering background
  • Familiar with root cause analysis tools and / or risk analysis such as: fish bone diagram, 5 WHYS, FMEA, and HACCP

Please send your complete application to :

Batas akhir pengiriman lamaran 03 Juni 2017

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