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Lowongan Kerja PT Mandom Indonesia, Tbk Management Trainee November 2017

PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk ( “MID”) is a public company listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange, established in 1969 and started commercial operation in 1971. As subsidiary company of Mandom Corporation Japan from Osaka, MID has grown into a significant cosmetic company in Indonesia. Our products with the famous brands like Gatsby, Pixy, Pucelle, Lucido, Lovillea, Tancho, Bifesta, Chibikko, etc has been used by our loving consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other Asian countries. 
Lowongan Kerja PT Mandom Indonesia, Tbk Management Trainee November 2017
We also export to Japan, Korea, and Dubai. Moreover, from Dubai our products are re-exported to more than 70 countries in Mid-East and Africa. By the end of 2015, our sales has reached 2.3 trillion rupiah and we have provided jobs for more than 5,000 employees.

Lowongan Kerja PT Mandom Indonesia, Tbk Management Trainee November 2017

Global Management Trainee
Job Description
  • To fulfill our mission "Aiming to provide a comfortable lifestyle supported by health and beauty", we realize that we need a sustainable business which is supported by excellent human resources. We have developed HR system since the beginning and enhance it in the last 10 years. We realize that to develop a sustainable business rooted in our society we need talents whose hearts are Indonesia but have the global perspective, knowledge, and skill. Therefore, we design this special global program for special excellent Indonesian young talents.
The Advantages
  • Our global MTs will have a chance to learn skill, knowledge, and Mandom DNA in OsakaJapan for 3 years. We have designed a special curriculum during the training period. The MTs will get involved directly in the process of product development & manufacturing, under the supervision of our Japanese colleagues in Mandom Corporation Japan. For selection and during the program, the MTs will not pay any fee. The MTs will receive benefit and compensation based on Mandom standard for trainee during their stay in Japan. It includes transportation, accommodation, health insurance, etc. After completing the 3-year course, the MTs will return to Indonesia to work as professionals and if they pass the appraisal they will have special chance for good career path.
Are you the candidates?
  • We are looking for young talents who are hungry for challenge and want to stay foolish to learn many skills and knowledge within 3 years. If you meet below requirements, this might be your best chance in your life.
  • Graduated From : UI I ITB I UGM I ITS in the year of 2015/2016/2017
  • Minimum GPA    : 3.0 for "Engineering MT"
  • Field of Study    : Engineering MT (engineering related studies)
  • Course              : Undergraduate (S 1) or Graduate (S2)
Recruitment Process
  • Step I Pre-Selection: Only who meet the above requirements will proceed to the next step, no exception will be made. Suitable candidates for each university who meet the requirements will be invited to attend interview.
  • Step II General Lecture & Walk-in 3 minutes interview: Interview will be conducted in English. Please bring in your copy of documents such as graduate certificate, transcript, TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC certificate (if any), and any other supporting documents. Submitted documents will not be returned
  • Step III Psychological Test: The evaluation will be performed by professionals to measure the IQ, EQ, and other psychological elements to find out the best fits for our program.
  • Step IV Interview with Mandom Management: Final interview will be conducted at our Head Office, Kawasan lndustri MM2100 - Cibitung, Bekasi. On this occasion, transport and accommodation costs will be provided by PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk.
  • Step V Medical Check Up: We have to make sure the candidates are ready for 4-season life in Japan and tight schedule during the 3-year training period. 
How To Apply
  • Complete your newest CV and send to global-mt@mandom.co.id, please do not send other documents more than 5MBs. Documents with macro or embedded script will be automatically deleted and will not be processed. The email must be received before 15th November 2017.

We will not respond to any email or phone call regarding this program. The candidates must attend 3-minutes interview and bring all documents related to the requirements mentioned in the Step II above.

The schedule is :
  • November, 21st 2017 at UI (Auditorium Pusat Studi Jepang)
  • November, 22nd 2017 at ITB (Gedung Galeri Arsitektur, lantai dasar)
  • November, 23rd 2017 at UGM (Hall Perpustakaan Sekolah Vokasi, lantai dasar)
  • As for lnstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, fixed schedule for walk-in interview will be informed later.

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