Lowongan Kerja PT Adaro Energy Tbk. Juni 2018

PT Adaro Indonesia (AI) is currently Adaro Group’s largest coal mining operation from which we produce our flagship Envirocoal product. AI’s concession is in South Kalimantan and it operates under a CCA with the Government of Indonesia. Within its concession, AI has three pits, Tutupan, Paringin and Wara. From these pits, AI produces sub-bituminous coal of medium heat value between 4,000 kcal/kg and 5,000 kcal/kg GAR. AI’s coal has distinct low-pollutant contents and therefore branded as Envirocoal. The latest addition to AI’s product portfolio, E4200, also continues to receive strong interests in the markets and in 2017 constituted approximately 15% of AI’s sales.
Lowongan Kerja PT Adaro Energy Tbk. Juni 2018

Lowongan Kerja PT Adaro Energy Tbk. Juni 2018

Job responsibilities
  • To plan, implement and evaluate occupational health programs based on 4 pillars; preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative in the framework of efforts to improve employee health status in work environment.

  • Establish, implement and evaluate health risk management and control programs in the workplace through preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative efforts to prevent occupational disease.
  • Facilitate business units in planning, running and evaluating occupational health surveillance programs.
  • Plan and implement health promotion programs (provide health related education and information such as health talk, brochures, lifestyle) in order to increase employee awareness of health.
  • Provide recommendations on rehabilitation programs including job placements in accordance with the health capacity of employees to ensure the protection of employee health status.
  • Establish a schedule and carry out hygiene inspection to recommend improvement recommendations on findings and ensure that they are carried out in accordance with priorities.
  • Evaluate medical emergency & response plan (MERP) in the business unit dynamically so that the handling of emergency cases can run effectively and efficiently.
Job requirement
  • Min Bachelor Degree in Medicine
  • Have min 3 years experience as Medical Doctor and/or working in IHOH management on mining / logistics / energy companies.
  • Advance exposure in K3 Management System, technical knowledge related to 4 pillars of workplace health program, data analysis and evaluation of HRA and risk management.
  • Preferably have certification in HIPERKES.

Job responsibilities
  • Plan, organize and control geotechnical activities including the design of foundation structure (deep and shallow) and substructure, slope stability, retaining wall, soil improvement, soil nailing, rock mechanics, etc. Review the design of the contractor / consultant.

  • Identify the needs of users and projects
  • Conducting soil analysis based on existing data
  • Designing the right geotechnical system for all geotechnical issues that arise in the field including foundation, slope stability, soil improvement, and others
  • Review the design of the contractor / consultant
  • Assisting the construction team in the implementation including monitoring the work in the field, and reviewing the results of the erection in the field
  • Monitor and review the results of soil tests in the field and in the laboratory
  • Reporting
Job requirement
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering with specialization in geotech for soft soil and in industrial structures
  • Have min 15 years total experience in relevant position(s)
  • Experience in working as consultant and supervisor
  • Experience in deep foundation, soil improvement, slope stabilization, rocks mechanics, and industrial structures
  • Have good English proficiency, report writing, and communications
  • Strong capabilities to operate softwares: PLAXIS & SLIDE, SAP2000

Job responsibilities
  • To plan construction project schedules and ensure the appropirate resources are available to support the execution of projects.
  • To lead and build good coordiantion among team members for smoothrunning of projects.
  • To execute construction projects in accordance with the predetermined contract, project plan and budget.
  • To analyze, identify projects risk, and problems/ossues and suggest recommendations/strategics to resolve the risk and problems/issues.
  • To continiously monitor and maintain the projects construction schedule and activities periodically (on weekly and monthly basis) and report to the project owner to ensure the construction project runs according to the plan.
  • To monitor and control the project budget and project performance to ensure the cost and do not exceed the budget.
  • To anticipate and justify any changes and extra word to ensure the successful completion of the project.
  • To evaluate the construction projects to ensure that project deliverable are on time, within budget and at the required level of equality.
  • To monitor and maintain contracts valid and minimise risks to the company.
  • To ensure the HSE compliance to with corporate policies to ensure that the health and safety standars are implemented in every construction project.

Job requirement
  • Bachelor degree in Civil / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering
  • Have min 8 years experience is same similar position
  • Have strong experience and skills in Project Management, Construction Management, and Financial Planning & Budgeting Analyst.
  • Have certification as Professional Engineer or Project Management

Job responsibilities
  • To plan, coordinate and evaluate all civil engineering projects (land, drainage, road and bridge works, industrial buildings, low-rise buildings) undertaken at Adaro Group to ensure the implementation of any civil engineering project in accordance with the plans and provisions applicable to Adaro Group.

  • Make the planning of civil engineering project in accordance with the direction of the boss and project owner so that available work program implementation of civil engineering project as needed.
  • Examining design, calculations, technical specifications, data sheets, working drawings, equipment lists, drawing details of shop drawing plans and other technical documents related to civil engineering work made by the implementing contractor to ensure all project planning to be carried out accurately as needed.
  • Coordinate and supervise regularly on the implementation of civil engineering projects in the field to ensure compliance with the requirements of time, quality, and cost.
  • Ensure materials related to the work of civil engineering projects in the field including their files are in compliance with approved specifications to ensure the quality of project results implemented.
  • Analyze and provide problem-solving solutions, inputs, instructions and instructions needed to the contractor so that the work can be completed more quickly and in accordance with the provisions of the contract.
  • Provide a progress report report on the implementation of a civil engineering project and compare it with what has been stated in the civil engineering project plan to ensure the implementation of the civil engineering project proceeds according to the established plan.
  • Integrate resources in accordance with the positions and schedules that have been made in the planning in order to support the smooth implementation of civil engineering projects implemented.
  • Storing all project documents includes detailed drawings of shop drawing plans, project drawings as well as all project administration activities to ensure that all documents related to the implementation of the civil engineering project are fully available.
Job requirement
  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Have min 15 years total experience
  • Advance competencies in Civil Engineering Design (land works, drainage, roads and bridges), Engineering Design - Industrial Building & Low Rise Building (Office, Housing Complex), Construction Methods, Project Management, and Contract Management
  • Strong competencies in Project Planning and Controlling and Project Cost Estimation
  • Have certification in Road & Bridge Expert and POP
  • Strong leadership and communication skills

Application Deadline 30 Juni 2018

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