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Intership Program PT Autocomp Systems Indonesia Tahun 2019

A holding company of Yazaki Group Indonesia 100% foreign company (Japan) with producing, trading & distribution automotive wire & wiring harness as our core business.
Intership Program PT Autocomp Systems Indonesia Tahun 2019
One of our corporate policy is “A Corporation in Step with the World”. We have over 500 sites in 46 countries, and 8 sites and over 30,000 employees in Indonesia.

[INTERNSHIP PROGRAM] (from middle of Auf 2019 to middle of Feb 2020)
Section: Production Engineering
  • Information Technology (especially; AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engineer) Development
  • Electrical Mechanical Technology Development
  • Industrial Engineering Development

  • Create new idea and prototype production line of producing "wire & wiring harness" with utilizing Automotion technology.

  • Fresh Graduate
  • Willing to innovate with high creativity and passion
  • Strong communication (more than 650 TOEIC Scores) and analytical

  • Pocket money : IDR 2.500.000/month
  • Training at factory in Cipeundeuy, Subang
  • "Boarding-house in Sadang"."Shuttle bus" and "Lunch" will be prepared.



 Deadline: 01 Agustus 2019

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