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Lowongan Kerja Bank Resona Perdania Februari 2020

Bank Resona Perdania adalah lembaga keuangan yang berjenis Jasa Keuangan Perbankan.Bank ini berpusat di Jakarta. Bank ini berdiri pada 1958.
Lowongan Kerja Bank Resona Perdania Februari 2020
Officer Development Program
Job Description
  • Officer Development Program is recruitment to prepare the future leader for Bank Resona Perdania, by educated to be professional bankers in various field through classical training and on The Job Training during the program.

  • Fresh Graduate or has Experience.
  • Graduate with Bachelor Degree or Master Degree from Reputable University, with minimun GPA 3.00.
  • Maximum age for selection: 26 years old for Bachelor Degree (S1),28 years old for Master Degree (S2)
  • Proficiency in English (written and verbal communication).
  • Having good appearance and communication skill.
  • Willing to accept official bound for 3 years after completed the program.

Apply before February 9th, 2020 on: http://e-recruitment.or.id/lppi-bankresonaperdania

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