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Lowongan Kerja Sinarmas Mining April 2020

Sinar Mas Mining functions as a holding company, has consistently demonstrated passion and commitment to reach its vision : "sustainable growth and value creation for shareholders and community". This drive to excel and add value is an ever more important, and probably utmost necessary in this highly competitive and challenging industry.



  • Bachelor Degree for EDP with minimum GPA 3.0
    • Mining Engineering
    • Geological Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil/Ocean Engineering
    • EnviromentalEngineering
    • Naval/Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor Degree with max. 2 years working experience
  • Age max. 25 years old
  • Proficient in English
  • Computer Literate
  • Have Good Non Academic Achievements during Campus Life
  • Dynamic, persistent, collaborative, great can-do attitude, flexible

Drop your CV here:bit.ly/smmedp

Deadline: 30 April 2020

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