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Lowongan Kerja Juni 2020 | Lowongan Kerja Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Juni 2020

Japfa beroperasi di berbagai wilayah di Indonesia, untuk itu kami menghargai keberagaman yang unik dari setiap individu, baik etnis, gender, agama maupun keyakinan yang mereka anut.  Apa yang menyatukan kami adalah semangat untuk menjadi perusahaan penyedia terkemuka dan terpercaya di bidang produk pangan berprotein terjangkau di Indonesia. Kami mengundang Anda untuk bergabung bersama kami.

Lowongan Kerja Juni 2020 | Lowongan Kerja Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Juni 2020

Fish Health Lab Staff

  • Diagnostic testing and diagnosis of fish diseases
  • Disease surveillance, screening, and certification of State fish hatchery populations
  • Disease screening of wild/feral broodstock populations used for spawning activities
  • Disease management and prevention
  • Recommends and provides guidance for therapy and other actions when necessary
  • Confirms disease certificates and evaluates the risk of fish imports and fish movements
  • Reviews permit applications for fish importation associated with aquaculture
  • Hatchery Support
  • Evaluates indicators of fish welfare and provides feedback to managers
  • Promotes fish husbandry practices focused on disease prevention
  • Trouble shoots problems with fish health and fish quality
  • Conducts and Facilitates Applied Research for improved fish health
  • Feed and feed ingredient research
  • Water quality
  • Spawning technologies
  • Husbandry practices
  • Education of hatchery staff, biologists, and the public on various issues of fish health
  • Candidate  must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary, Microbiology, Fish Patology or equivalent  
  • Min. 1 years experiences, but fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  • GPA minimum 3.00
  • Proactive, detailed and target oriented
  • Passionate in Fish Health
  • Have good interpersonal skill
  • Willing to be placed in Simalungun, Banyuwangi, or Banten

Training Specialist

  • Planning, doing the implementation and the evaluation of yearly annual training programs for all employees 
  • Arrange the Training Need Analysis/Identification (TNA)
  • Create The Training Syllabus & Training Matrix
  • Training Module Development & Training Material
  • Delivery Softskill Training 
  • To Manage the Acquisition & Development Program for Internal Team Faculty Member/Trainer
  • To create and manage annual training budget plan & realization 
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training programs
  • Minimum Bachelor degree in any major;
  • Have experience minimum 3 years in learning and development;
  • Have experiences to handle MT program (preferably);
  • Passionate in learning and development;
  • Comprehend to make TNA, training matrics, manpower planning, career path, competencies base;
  • Fluent in English both oral and written;
  • Strong leadership, good influence, analitycal thinking, full responsibilities;
  • Excellent communication, leadership, and interpersonal skill;
  • Have organizational skills; able to handle multiple assignments and prioritize work.

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