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Loker PT. Bester Naraya Samarta Oktober 2021

Bester & Co. helps our Clients activate all types of transformations quickly, effectively & efficiently with tangible results. We have wide ranging track record in Indonesia & Overseas in the Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Energy, Construction, Transportation & Government sectors. Our Clients are Private, Public, State-owned & Group Companies in Indonesia & Overseas.

Ready4Work Candidate
Job Description

Bester & Co. is pleased to recruit our 3rd batch of #Ready4Work development program. In this 12 months paid development program (IDR 9 million gross per month), Bester & Co. Senior Enablers will develop your talents through various active projects across many industries.
On successfully completing the #Ready4Work program, you will be offered a permanent job as Bester & Co. Enabler.


1. A recent graduate or a professional with a maximum work experience of 2 years.
2. A graduate or post graduate from engineering, science, IT, finance or accounting.
3. Highly energetic, communicative and fluent in Indonesian & English languages. Fluency in any other language will be valued.
4. Able to articulate your thoughts concisely and effectively to achieve common objectives.
5. Savvy in Microsoft Office especially Excel & PowerPoint. Some programming experience will be highly valued.
6. Analytical, love reading professional/business journals & books and savvy with data.
7. Able to work fast, love to develop new skills & knowledge and love to solve problems creatively & effectively.
8. Able to work independently with minimum direction, self-reliant, results oriented and can manage multiple deadlines well.

Other Information

click here for more information : https://apply.workable.com/j/C310A3EFDA

Deadline: 01 Desember 2021

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