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Lowongan Kerja Timur Bahari Oktober 2021

Timur Bahari is a well established company that specialize in dredging and marine construction. We create foundation in most of prestigious marine-related projects in Indonesia.

Fleet Management Trainee

Job Description

• Fleet Management Trainee will work closely in Maintenance & Repair Department with Project Manager in all projects of Timur Bahari.
• Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance.
• Responds to equipment breakdowns in vessels.
• Maintain statistical and financial records of all fleet maintenance.
• Developing and improving maintenance management system and fleet management process.
• Produce improvement program for maintenance management system and fleet management in company.
• Any other work related tasks or duties required and assigned by the management/direct leaders.


• Bachelor degree in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, or Mechanical Engineering.
• Fresh graduate are very welcome, 1 year of experience in ship maintenance will be preferable.
• Excellent written and verbal communications is a must.
• Acknowledge maintenance management system and fleet management.
• Having good social skills to work as a team.

Don't hesitate to send ur updated CV & Resume to recruitment@timurbahari.co.id / aulia@timurbahari.co.id. Thank you.

Deadline: 13 November 2021

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